Sustainable mens apparel
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We’re a collective of fellas shaking off corporate capitalism and blind willfulness and getting in touch with what’s going on around us and the needs of others in one awesomely sustainable mens apparel brand.

We love getting involved in the issues of the day, not in that whiney, he said, she said bullshit, but the type of in-tune listening-with-your-heart kind of approach that gets to the root of the issue.

So we created a brand that totally gets in there, does some good for the world and tells everyone about it. We care about shit and we need your help to help others less able to help themselves.

We based the brand on three core principles: ethics, social good and the environment. And frankly, if you’re in business without these principles, you’re a dick.

We, my friends, Are Harper. 



Each time you spend money, you cast a vote for the type of society you want to live in. What you buy, and from whom, is a marker of the value you place on equality and self determination.

At HARPER we are committed to working exclusively with manufacturing partners who are dedicated to maintaining fair and ethical workplaces. Our products should never come at the expense of others rights or abilities to choose a life for themselves. Every child deserves a childhood free of paid labour, every worker deserves to earn a living wage. Our bamboo tees have been sourced from a premium manufacturer in Turkey who is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and thereby committed to the eight labour standards of ethical production, including no child labour, a minimum living wage and freedom of association for their workers.



As a business we believe it’s our responsibility to invest in the community. We’re not affiliated with any religion or political party but base our support on the outcomes of our giving partners. We focus our support on local community initiatives that work to protect those more vulnerable.

Through our partnership program we support a number of not-for-profits, charities and NGO’s that are dedicated to improving the lives of others and strengthening the fabric of our community.

We’re particularly interested in access to accommodation for homeless people, providing disadvantaged youth with greater opportunities and discrimination of any form.



Let’s be clear here, the garment making industry doesn’t have a great record when it comes to the environment. But aside from making and wearing nothing, all our actions are going to impact the planet. So our mission is to choose lower impact solutions where we can and agitate for greener measures in the future. Maybe one day we’ll be able to call the shots on green manufacturing globally but until then, we’re going to forge ahead, consciously thinking about our footprint and ways in which we can do better.

Our first range of tees are 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. Technically a grass and the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo takes up less space than other crops, sucks up more carbon dioxide and uses far less water and less land to produce. Also, there’s no need for fertilisers and it doesn’t require major machinery to harvest and sow crops.