6 Benefits of Bamboo Tees
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6 Awesome Benefits of Bamboo T-shirts

6 benefits of bamboo

26 Aug 6 Awesome Benefits of Bamboo T-shirts

Check out these 6 awesome benefits of bamboo t-shirts:

  • Super soft – so comfy you’ll never want to take it off
  • Hypoallergenic – a natural solution for sensitive skin
  • Antibacterial – reducing the potential for odour
  • Breathable and thermo-regulating – keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • More absorbent than cotton – helps to wick moisture away from the skin
  • Biodegradable – a greener fabric that can return to the earth at the end of its life

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Bamboo is an amazing natural resource that’s been used for centuries for a bunch of purposes, ranging from textiles, construction and medicine. It’s one of the fastest growing and resilient plants in the world and requires very little water, fertilisers or pesticides since it is naturally pest-resistant, fantastic benefits! Unlike cotton, once harvested bamboo will replenish over and over without the need for replanting, extensive spraying or watering. Impressive stuff.

To turn bamboo into fabric the process uses sodium hydroxide, or caustic soda. Crushed bamboo is soaked in the chemical to produce cellulose which is spun into yarn. There are some concerns that sodium hydroxide is harmful, but when used responsibly it is safe for both workers and the environment. It’s used in the processing of organic cotton and is approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and the Soil Association. It is also widely used in everything from chocolate processing, softening of olives and soap production. Importantly it does not remain as a residue on bamboo clothing, or food, as it easily washes away.

It may not be a 100% eco-friendly product but it has many environmental advantages over cotton production and manufacturers are continually looking for greener ways to break down bamboo fibre. Compared with cotton and polyester, it uses less resources to grow, is stronger, has better moisture wicking properties and moisture absorption, is antimicrobial so there’s less bacteria that causes unpleasant odours and most of all, super soft. The surprising benefits of bamboo t-shirts. Get yours today.

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